Claude Dir - one of the world's most respected, multi award winning perfumers and the man behind perfumes and colognes created for Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Bijan DNA – designed this mystery which we named NOU.
  • Verbena with the clean rush of Mandarin Zest
  • Chinese Ginger with sweetnesss of Cinnamon
  • Vanilla Orchid, scent of Pink Roses
  • Tantalizing scent of Purple Iris Root

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We knew this perfume should only be available to a select audience of women who understand the idea behind this fragrance and who were ready to live the lifestyle of a sexy, confident woman.

You will love wearing NOU. From the moment you open the classic white box and peek inside the sensuous black velvet bag to find a slender, elegant Italian glass bottle tipped with a beguiling silver cap, you’ll be hooked. No other scent on the market today can compare with the power, the seduction, the playfulness of NOU.