NOU is the premiere fragrance from COMO & BRIGANTE. The development process took over 5 years to create this sensual sophisticated eau de parfum.
Developed and distributed by COMO & BRIGANTE, NOU is the brainchild of a dynamic team with an intense passion for innovation, distinctiveness and design excellence.
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In COMO & BRIGANTE’s dedication to the development, marketing and production of prestige brands, COMO & BRIGANTE continues to create alliances with the best of the best. Together with its world-class partners, COMO & BRIGANTE ensures that all products will be STAND OUTS in style, character and innovation.
  • Women Fragrances
  • Mens Fragrances
  • Skin Care Products
  • Lotions and Body Sprays
Make sure you stay tuned to all the new products COMO & BRIGANTE will be bringing to the US in the coming future.